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Welcome to the heart of The Online Field Guide! From this page, you can navigate to the all-important species pages, containing photos and information on how to identify the animals in the database. There are two ways to explore the species lists from here. I expect most people visiting my site will want to use it as, well, a field guide to a particular area of the world. Clicking on one of the highlighted points (coloured circles) on the world map below will take you to the species list for that country; on several of these pages, you can further refine your search to focus on specific regions of the country you're interested in. The other option is to explore species by taxonomic group, for example if you are interested in a particular group such as frogs or butterflies. It's early days yet, so please be patient if many of these links are inactive or not yet listed on this page!

The species lists on the following pages are based on my own observations, and for convenience and to avoid potential copyright issues only species of which I have my own photographs are featured on the profile pages. The lists are therefore not intended to be comprehensive. I've been conservative in only including species that I or another trained specialist have been positively able to identify, to reduce the possibility of errors to a minimum. As the site develops, I hope to find time to research and compile more complete lists for some regions and animal groups based on available published work, and I expect the content and number of lists to grow as I see more of the world!

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